I'm Eric, a graphic designer and marketing professional based in St. Louis, Missouri. I have been working in the marketing and design industry since 2007, and I established EightOne Creative in 2008. I create modern, purpose-driven marketing through a fairly simple approach: keeping an open dialogue and an open mind. My areas of expertise include logo design and branding, print design, art/creative direction, copywriting, digital marketing management and social media marketing. My work is heavily influenced by my love of simple, clean design aesthetics across all mediums, as well as my love for pop culture and typography.

Aside from marketing and graphic design, I’m into fashion, music, travel, pop culture and bingeing TV shows and movies (especially scary stuff). I live in the city with my spouse and two Boston Terriers. My current side hobby is creating assets to customize iOS and push the limits of the operating system to create completely custom looks.

Your brand and business have a story to tell, and I love having the opportunity to help you translate that to your audience through professional, eye-catching marketing and design. I have experience working in-office and as a freelancer, with clients that range from musicians and entrepreneurs to small businesses and non-profits.
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"I've known Eric for over two decades now and can vouch for him both personally and professionally as one of the most loyal, dedicated and committed friends and colleagues that I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Despite the common belief that one shouldn't hire friends or family, the fact that I still had the faith to hire him at a critical point in the evolution of The Mission Center and can still consider him one of my very best friends years after he moved on to new opportunities should speak for itself but, just to be clear, words can't express the level of faith and trust that I have in him both as a friend and as an employee and any organization would be fortunate to have him."
- Chris Miller
Professor of Entrepreneurship at UMSL
Founder of The Mission Center

"A lot can be said about people who do what they say they're going to do. Eric is easily one of those people. I worked with him as a project manager for a web development project for about a year when he was with The Mission Center and Eric never missed a deadline and never made a promise he didn't keep. On top of getting things done, Eric was great at communicating what his team was looking for in an actionable way. Overall, one of the best client relationships we've ever had."
- Jonathan Goldford
Co-Founder and Web Developer at Wired Impact