iOS Icon Shadow Wallpaper
Add depth and take your iOS Home Screen to the next level with realistic shadows behind your icons + the ability to hide your dock! The files are completely editable in Photoshop. You will get two .PSD files. One for iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 13, 13 Pro + one for iPhone 12 Pro Max, 13 Pro Max. Each file also contains a matching blank layer for your Lock Screen wallpaper. Full instructions to create this Home Screen look can be found below.

*you must have Photoshop to open the files
*some of the icons featured are custom by me but most are from the NEPOTA icon pack which you can find here.
Step 1: Purchase/download the wallpaper files, edit color and desired icon grid in Photoshop and save the wallpaper to your photos
Step 2: Install the ClearKit app to create empty space icons that match your wallpaper. Full instructions are in the app.
Step 3: Install the Shortcuts app to create your custom icons
Step 4: Follow the step-by-step Shortcuts guide below

Update 12/14/20: With iOS 14.3 installed, it makes it easier and quicker to launch apps with custom icons from the Home Screen. When opening an app that has a custom icon created using Shortcuts, it is no longer routed through the Shortcuts app and is instead able to open just like the native app. 

Update 3/17/2022: With iOS 15.4 installed, you can get rid of the notification banner with a simple automation in the Shortcuts app. Check out the video here. *Note: you only need the first automation mentioned in the video if you're on iOS 15.4. Disregard the other two. You will still need to change the notification setting in Screen Time mentioned at the end of the video.